Australia is a wide-open land, full of undiscovered bounty, with regions boasting produce and gourmet foods of unimaginable delight. Six states and two territories are chock-a-block with wine, cheeses, organic produce, restaurants, cafes and food outlets. Demeter has blessed this Great Southern Land, with her seasons of plenty to be enjoyed by all. Visitors are most welcome in the lush and verdant pastures of these regional produce areas. Australians are down to earth people; and they love to share a good feed with tourists and locals alike.

Great Australian Food Tours for Your Trip Down Under

In the spirit of this bonhomie, locals have organised food tours for visitors to really chow down on the best Oz has to offer. Our world-famous wines are no longer a state secret, having travelled far and wide to the shores of Europe, China and America. Why not visit the iconic Penfolds winery in the Barossa Valley, or sojourn to Margaret River to taste the exciting wines of the west, or, perhaps, go up country to the Hunter Valley in NSW? There are so many superb spots to visit on the great Australian wine trail.

A great eating guide can set you in the right direction, to, perhaps, avoid a sore back from travelling. Knowing where you are going can be a mixed blessing, however, as you may miss out on those unexpected pleasures from accidental discoveries. Click here to read about great kitchens in this great country. Sometimes the rarest pleasures whilst travelling, come from home cooked meals with ordinary locals. It is here that you get to meet the real Australia, without the formal stuff on the surface. Blue singlet Aussies whipping up a feast on the BBQ, or mums making mouth-watering meals for family, and young folk partying on the patio with finger-food.

Well-seasoned travellers know the secret of discovering the heart of a land lies in breaking bread with the locals. When you eat the national dishes of a country, you imbibe the intangible lore of the land. In Australia, the culinary landscape has changed dramatically over the last couple of decades, as multiculturalism has blessed our cities and towns with great restaurants and eateries. You can eat Greek, Italian, Chinese and Lebanese in Oz. You can sup on superb French, Japanese and Modern Australian dishes. You can, even, settle for something more prosaic, like English or American fare. There is something for everyone in Australia.