About Us

Blue Mountains Historical Society is a community that brings together lovers of history and recreational activities. The idea of this historical society was birthed by Xavier Borella, a man who is as passionate about historical interests as he is about a dynamic society.

Historical interests are of great importance to this society for the simple reason that one can only map out their future if they are certain about their past. Closely intertwined with an intriguing history, is the need to travel and learn more. In uncovering events from the past, members of this society get to travel to places of interest, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Blue Mountains Historical Society also offers an opportunity for members and interested persons to take up activities in history recreation. Recreation need not be an intricate planned itinerary; sometimes something as simple as letter writing can work the magic. The idea behind recreation at this community is simply getting away from the frenetic pace of life that many are sucked in and plug into the lessons learnt from the past.

If you live in Australia, and are looking for a community that is passionate about rich historical heritage and its recreation, then look no further than Blue Mountains Historical Society. The address you need to have is Suite 21 1 Park Rd, MILTON QLD 4064.