How Sustainable Businesses Are Changing The World

Sustainability is evidently on top of big enterprises’ minds, and as they evolve into becoming a sustainable business, they have already done good stuff to their beneficiaries. This practice among many companies More »

5 Real Estate Tips on Buying Property for Sale in the Mid Mountains

Owning a real estate property in the mid mountains may be something that you have long desired. Many Aussies would want to own a property in this premier region where dramatic natural More »

The History of Core Energetics

Core energetics is a body-oriented type of psychotherapy that seeks to bridge all aspects of our humanity including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It focuses on balancing the flow of energy More »

The Corporate Entertainment And Magician Entertainers

The corporate entertainment history has changed over the years. Different companies are entertaining their clients uniquely and in special ways. The original developers of corporate entertainment are not exactly known. Corporate Entertainment More »

The History of Sandgate Australia

Cabbage Tree Creek, that was how Sandgate was originally known, and the Aboriginals also gave it the name Warra, which means, a stretch or expanse of water. This magnificent place possible received More »


The History of Sandgate Australia

Cabbage Tree Creek, that was how Sandgate was originally known, and the Aboriginals also gave it the name Warra, which means, a stretch or expanse of water. This magnificent place possible received it’s name from Sandgate, which was located, in the county of Kent, England. After the coming of the railway in 1882, land in Sandgate became available shortly thereafter in 1883. However, Sandgate was declared an official town, by the Governor of Queensland in 1880.

One could travel from Sandgate to Brisbane Australia by train in about thirty minutes, and Sandgate quickly became a popular weekend destination. Countless people would travel from Brisbane to get away from the heat, and because Sandgate had become very well known for it’s clean beaches.

Sandgate is also very well known for it’s historical landmarks, such as The Town Hall, and The Baptist Church.

Sandgate is a very artistic town, and has been the home of a large community theater group, better known as Sandgate Theatre Incorporated. They have been performing at Sandgate Town Hall for better than fifty years, and have been continuously doing so since 1958. The Yarrageh Festival In Brisbane is the longest running community festival, and this group also performs there annually.

The Sandgate Hotel was the first hotel to b built in the Sandgate community, it was established by Charles Davie in 1858. Next to come to this town was seaside cottages, which were listed in the local newspaper, and being rented out for three dollars a week, in the late 1860’s. Following this was John Baxter’s Café, which was established at Cabbage Creek in 1862.

The population grew, along with the number of accommodation houses, which included Villa Marina, Belair, and Musgrave in the 1870’s. Then a soft drink manufacturing commenced starting in the 1880’s.

Think of this place as a gateway into another world. Somewhere that you thought couldn’t possibly exist anymore. This place is full of background, and historical buildings. Every spot has a story behind it.

Australia alone is a wonderful place to visit, but Sandgate is a beautiful, mysterious and magical place. When I go there, I feel like a princess, that has just stepped out of my castle. I venture around, and view the beautiful surroundings. The wonderful countryside, and old streets. This is one place, time hasn’t affected, it is raw untouched, almost like it was when the first was first discovered. It will almost have you wondering what century you’re in.

If you love to explore new places, full of mystery and excitement, then Sandgate Australia is definitely the place to go. A place where you and your loved ones can spend the vacation of a lifetime, and take a little piece of it back home with you. There are many different activities to take part in, and keep sakes to bring home. Plus, the historical accommodations, are unlike any other. I would encourage anyone whom is looking for a dream vacation to check into Sandgate Australia, it will not leave you disappointed.

Getting a kitchen renovation in the mountains

Getting a Kitchen Renovation in the Mountains

For you, what is the ideal kitchen? If you are quite unsure yet and you think that your kitchen is an eyesore, maybe it is the right time in getting a kitchen renovation in the mountains. Having said that, not all mountain kitchens should be rustic. It will help if the homeowners would get a hint from their environment. Deciding on a kitchen which suits your home must include adding warm-toned cupboards and floorings that bring in the nature into the kitchen. Moreover, your kitchen renovation should still be able to maintain its elegant and modern look.

Getting A Kitchen Renovation In The Mountains

In getting a kitchen renovation in the mountains, there are two things to consider: your budget and the contractor. It will be frugal to set a reasonable budget for your dream mountain kitchen and at the same time, plan ahead in financing your kitchen renovation. You can opt for home equity line credit or really save up for your home improvement project.

The second thing to throw into the “kitchen renovation” equation is your contractor. Usually a good contractor also works as a kitchen designer, which can be economical for you as they perform different functions for the price of one. As a homeowner, you can heed the advice of your contractor in choosing the perfect kitchen fittings, your floorings, the cabinetry and the backsplash. Alternatively, you can set your own kitchen theme and work with your contractor in realising your dream kitchen.

There are numerous companies in Australia that will help you in getting a kitchen renovation in the mountains. Just opt for the business that is already established and has proven its expertise in kitchen improvements.

Kitchen Themes and Designs

The distinctive features of a traditional mountain kitchen design are the recessed panel and poly-painted doors. You can elevate this theme by embellishing the space with corbels, antique style handles, and capping mould. To cap off the traditional look, add a solid granite benchtop that has cascaded edges. It is up to you whether you want a darker or a lighter hue of the granite.

You can also opt for a modern style kitchen. One of its telltale signs is a flat panel door that can be without a knob or have a sharp looking handle. This theme works best with a gloss or satin finish.

In getting a kitchen renovation in the mountains, consider the choice of materials, your colour pattern and appliance selection when coming up with the perfect kitchen theme. In addition, never sacrifice the functionality of your kitchen over its design.

Springwood’s New Age Market You’ll Have to Visit

There is something about the mountain air that has new hope thickening in your veins. Your step is a little lighter and you walk taller. A visit to the Blue Mountains and the many townships, which dot the area, will delight and inspire. There is usually a market or two to poke your nose into and plenty of wonderful bargains to be had. Mountain people are crafty; they are often good with their hands and turn their attention to the creative arts. You will find much to amaze and interest at Springwood’s New Age Market.

Springwood’s New Age Market You’ll Have to Visit

Fortune tellers have a rich history in the Blue Mountain, they have plied their trade in places like Springwood, Katoomba and Leura for decades and beyond. The Mountains have always been a refuge from the big city, the sin city that is Sydney. Artists and writers have made their way to the mountain tops to hide away and get down to work. The muses are in evidence at these mountain towns and they play about the recreational facilities. Mountains are traditional places of contemplation, where questions about life paths are posed to the biosphere.

So, a saunter around Springwood’s New Age Market may open up a portal for you to peer into your possible futures, with the aid of a slightly disreputable medium. Psychic and tarot card readers are always a little off-colour and tatty around the edges. You cannot go looking around corners and time vortexes without getting a little messed up. It is part and parcel of the work. Strong drink before lunchtime, illicit substances in the afternoon and too many crystals in the bedroom. All those auras bouncing off the ceiling and zodiac signs in the night sky, is enough to turn a strong man or woman to drink.

My advice, is don’t spend too long in the company of these insightful reprobates. Just get the gist of the message and then make your way toward the nearest exit. Muses are unreliable and liable to get you into trouble. As the cards are shuffled and placed down on the purple velvet, don’t look into the eyes of your reader. Finding the best clairvoyants is often a case of picking the most garish gypsy like individual on display. There is information to be gathered, but for heaven’s sake don’t sleep with the messenger. Get out when you get the chance, don’t ride too long on the wheel of fortune. A puncture is usually around the bend.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Various studies suggest that our environment affects our health and libido. For instance, being in a place where there are a lot of trees results in a decrease in cortisol levels and blood pressure. This kind of environment is also good for our parasympathetic nervous system and the immune system. As a matter of fact, Environmental Health and Preventative Medicine showed that those who spend at least 2 nights in the woodland have increased immunity against certain types of infection.

Exposure to high altitude has the same health benefits, according to scientists. For athletes, training in the mountains helps improve their performance. This is because higher concentrations of oxygen are delivered to our cells. But did you know that the rarefied air of mountain living also contributes to our libido?

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Are you planning for a romantic weekend getaway with your partner? You might want to stay a couple of nights in the Blue Mountains. A lot of B&Bs and inns offer relaxing activities and amenities for couples who want to unwind or enliven their sex lives. They can also light their fire by watching live sex shows online.

Spending at least two nights in a B&B will help you better perform and increase the pleasure in bed. If truth be told, oxygen is said to be the greatest aphrodisiac. The air in the mountains supply concentrated amounts of oxygen in our cells. This stimulates a good sexual response as oxygen-rich blood is a fundamental element of our erectile health. In the case of men, oxygen boosts prostaglandin E1 activity. In turn, men get fuller erection.

Sex Retreat Up in the Mountains

The sexual excitement caused by high altitudes is not entirely dependent on the effect of oxygen levels. The idea of having sex outdoors sure sounds hot. Moreover, a different kind of environment plus great sceneries do contribute to a more fulfilling sexual encounter.

Believe it or not, there is a tantra retreat for couples up in the Blue Mountains. The sessions cover tantric sex, how to intensify ecstatic arousal, and pretty much everything about sex and romance. This is ideal for couples who are experiencing obstacles in their sex life or those who want to learn new hacks in achieving full orgasm. What better way to do this, but by spending a couple of nights for a sex retreat.

Community Recreational Pursuits in the Mountains

I lived in the Blue Mountains for several years and enjoyed my time on top of the world, looking down on Sydney. Many of the lower Mountain towns are now, really, outer suburbs of Greater Sydney. The drive up and down the Mountain never bothered me – I enjoyed the winding road. The sheer amount of natural bushland in the parks that cover the Blue Mountains is extraordinary; and there is no better thing to do than explore this country. Bushwalking is the number one pursuit in the Blue Mountains; and you can do it collectively or on your own- just don’t lose your way.

Community Recreational Pursuits in the Mountains

I used to go on high speed endurance bushwalks with a group of walkers. This exhilarating style of bushwalking was led by a charismatic guide and personal trainer. He combined fitness training with the whole bushwalking experience. Several hours of this got the blood pumping and the oxygen flowing to all parts of my physical body. I have always liked to move quickly, whether walking or striding – and this suited me no end. It was a popular group with a wide cross section of ages and demographics taking part.

Horse riding is a popular community recreational pursuit in the Blue Mountains. Sitting atop a beautiful animal, like a horse, is the perfect way to view the breathtaking countryside. It is so easy to imagine yourself back a hundred or so years, and that horseback would be the modus operandi for all mountain travellers in those days. Bushrangers spring to mind, Frank Gardener and his ilk, plying their trade amid the gum trees and wattle. Not far from the Blue Mountains is the Hawkesbury Race Club and if you like to watch the gee gees gallop around the track – this is a lovely setting. Click here for some punting opportunities.

The Blue Mountains is also home to a bunch of artistic refugees from the big city. It has traditionally been a place where sensitive, artistic types could disappear away from the rat race. Norman Lindsay lived here for much of his life, exploring his artistic and libertine appetites. His old cottage is now a gallery full of his art. There is art everywhere in the towns that dot the Blue Mountains, Katoomba has many galleries and lots of street art. Getting wasted with some of the locals in pubs and clubs can, also, lead to a few recreational community pursuits.



sustainability of Businesses

How Sustainable Businesses Are Changing The World

Sustainability is evidently on top of big enterprises’ minds, and as they evolve into becoming a sustainable business, they have already done good stuff to their beneficiaries. This practice among many companies all over the world has proved to be a win-win situation for both parties, but probably the best thing about it is the fact that they are contributing solidly to a very positive cause – which is to have a huge yet positive impact on humanity and the environment. As more companies are going on board with the practice, the future of corporate social responsibility looks bright. Here are some big magnates’ efforts.

Leaders of the practice

A leader in sustainable business would probably be coffee giant Starbucks. 90% of their coffee beans come from small time farmers, and they make sure that all workers are working under very good conditions like getting fair wages and just the right number of working hours. The coffee beans produced are organic as well, so not only does Starbucks contribute in alleviating human trafficking; they are also doing their part in saving the environment. They have also set up a “green supply chain” that makes the harvesting itself sustainable.

Rivals Coke and Pepsi also give importance to sustainability by switching up their production to more environmentally-friendly methods. Both companies have talked to their stakeholders, and they have discussed about the issue of global warming and how they can do their part in combating the problem. They have very similar programs that are focused on water management and conservation. For Coke, they have improved their water efficiency use to 20%.  It is great that all of their stakeholders understand the companies’ role in shaping the world, because they will contribute greatly into putting the earth back on track into good health.

Not just for the environment

Other than the environment, a lot of companies try to combat human trafficking and slavery by hiring people from impoverished areas under their wing. They try to provide equal opportunities to everyone regardless of race and financial status. Being sustainable also means preserving the value of humanity, and this is just a little way for companies to do their part. Johnson and Johnson has created an optimized program for all of their employees to ensure that they are working under very good circumstances.

It doesn’t have to be always big

There are many ways how companies can do more sustainable practices. It can be as simple as changing up their utility vehicles to hybrid ones or creating a waste program that will help reduce their waste production. As long as they try to tackle global issues that affect humanity and the environment, then they deserve a good pat on the back. More companies are signing on and promising that they will go for better alternatives in terms of their production. Companies now recognize their role as leaders of the world, and they now understand how such practice can improve the world. Overall, sustainability is just one way on ensuring that the world remains good – or even better than it is now.

Mid Mountains property for sale

5 Real Estate Tips on Buying Property for Sale in the Mid Mountains

Owning a real estate property in the mid mountains may be something that you have long desired. Many Aussies would want to own a property in this premier region where dramatic natural scenery abounds and other natural landscapes are wonderfully spread in the mountainous terrains. A real breath taking view awaits you here so it’s not surprising that the real estate property here is truly sought-after.

However, like any important real estate transaction, you should never make hasty decisions. Take precautionary measures before you decide to pay for a premium property in this area.

Here are 5 important tips on buying property for sale in the mid mountains or the Blue Mountain region of NSW.

  1. Know What You Want with the Real Estate Property

Finding the right property to buy in the Blue Mountain will require enough knowledge on various aspects. You must write the features that you think are very important about the property which will make it the right buy for you; such as the number of bathrooms, bedrooms, garage, spacious backyard, etc.

You can then narrow down the list of possible homes that you are thinking of physically inspecting. Avoid visiting properties that do not meet your requirements, unless if you saw a property that you think you really love and you are willing to spend a considerable amount on renovations.

You should also do a research on whether the specific area where the property is located is hot or not. Look into the location’s supply and demand ratio by learning about the average number of people that are looking to buy property versus the actual number of properties that are for sale in the same specific location within the mid mountains.

This is important so that you’ll know if the average price for the area is reasonable. Additionally, you must also look at how significant the interest rate will impact this median price. Once you have learned of this median price and the number of elements that dictate it, then it is time for you to ponder if it really is the right time for you to buy. Consider your needs and financial circumstance.

  1. Location of the Property Is Very Important

The exact location of the property should be one of the primary calibrating factors that will make you decide to buy it or not. You should look at a property that will give you what you need in all aspects. Naturally, it may be impossible to find that property in the perfect location, so look for the one that gives you the most benefits.

In terms of location, you should consider the following:

  • its close proximity to public transportation
  • easy access to major roads on the mid mountains
  • distance from major suppliers of daily necessities; such as food, shopping centres, and entertainment hubs
  • distance from the school, especially if you have kids
  • churches and other religious institutions

You can add more elements that you think are important for the location. You can even walk around the suburb and pretend like you are one of the residents. Get inside a coffee shop and drink their local coffee. You can also take a drink and eat in their local pub or visit their local shops. Take a tour around the important spots within the neighborhood so you can experience first-hand how it truly is to live there.

You can also look into the future development plans of the area and talk to locals about the other important streets and different locations. Read local publications or log-on to websites about the place. This is a great way for you to learn about the locality and the residents living in it which should become a major deciding factor for you.

  1. The Negotiations Process

You should acknowledge the price negotiation as a two-way process. It is important for you to understand that in this process both you, the buyer, and the seller of the property must get the maximum gain from the negotiation. Therefore, you have to expect some give and take to occur between the both of you.

You can try to put yourself in the shoes of the property seller. Ask yourself why is the vendor selling his or her property? This is a great way for you to come up with a very good strategy to present your concerns in the most favourable way to the seller. This is important so you will avert a possible bad blood between you and the seller which may cause for the deal to ultimately fall out.

  1. The Importance of Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents play an important role as very effective mediators in the negotiations process. They also provide the important service of doing the paperwork for you. Therefore, they are responsible for taking the stress off of the buying process.

Usually, these agents bridge the negotiation so that the buyer and the seller will not be confronting face-to-face. They are trained to provide a professional, polite, and respectful relay of messages and concerns between the two parties so that serious conflicts can be avoided.

These agents are very important because they are less emotional about the process so they can provide the most objective perspective compared to the buyer and the seller. And because they have the educational background, experience, and network of useful real estate professionals then they indeed speed up the whole process.

  1. Inspect the Property Smartly

Sellers are smart enough to devise a way so that their homes will look at their most attractive when you come to check them out. So you, as potential buyer must also be equipped with equal smartness. When checking the property make sure to look at the fine details which at first inspection may not be obvious to you.

Make a list of the practical elements that you must check. These include adequate amounts of power sources, as well as holes or cracks in any part of the home. It can also be helpful if you can conduct a pest inspection, or hire a professional to do a general building inspection. These professionals should be able to give you a useful insight on whether the property is worth buying or not. This can definitely save you a hefty amount of time and money in the future.

Core Energetics

The History of Core Energetics

Core energetics is a body-oriented type of psychotherapy that seeks to bridge all aspects of our humanity including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It focuses on balancing the flow of energy through the body, mind, emotions, will and spirit for healthy functioning of the entire being. Unlike the conventional medical or psychiatric therapies, core energetics considers the spiritual dimension of an individual to be an essential component when it comes to recovery and growth.

Core energetics was developed by John C Peirrakos M.D. and co-founder of Bioenergetic Analysis Alexander Lowen. The concept was built on the work carried out by Dr. Freud Sigmund and Wilhelm Reich. Reich and Pierrakos met in a university in Ney York where they studied medicine. Pierrakos did a research on the nature of human energy fields and incorporated it with the study of the Eastern traditions and spiritual discipline called The Pathwork. The Institute of Core Energetics was then founded by Pierrakos in 1978 and incorporated it in 1983.

How Is Core Energetics Related With Psychotherapy?

To provide healing to an individual, core energetics combines bodywork, psychotherapy as well as the spiritual process to make active the greater consciousness that dwells deep within a person. Thus psychotherapy plays a significant role in ensuring the mental aspect of an individual perfectly balances with the physical, emotional and spiritual being. And since core energetics is solidly based on psychology, there are therapies designed to heal the deep-seated causes of anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, addiction, relationship problems, insomnia, physical illness as well as business and financial problems.

Where Can You Learn The Techniques Of Performing Core Energetics?

Visiting a practitioner to get psychotherapy treatment might be expensive but learning the techniques of core energetics can help you completely heal in a hassle-free manner. If you’re based in Australia, you can get core energetics training at Robert Kirby Sydney psychotherapists center. For years now, Robert Kirby has helps individuals and groups make profound changes in their lives through understanding themselves better. The psychotherapy sessions and core energetics training is geared towards unlocking people’s potential so that they can achieve greater success in every sphere of life. Training in core energetics might require basic four years post professional course work and extensive personal therapy.

How Much Does Core Energetics Training Cost?

While core energetics techniques can be hard to learn, mastering the practices can take time but they eventually result in healthy functioning of the major aspects of human being. Robert Kirby psychotherapy centers provide consultation and training on how to balance body, mind, emotions and spirit which result in a healing that makes the way to success easier. Consultation is free but there are fees attached to various training sessions. Alternatively, you can purchase psychotherapy books online or download eBooks free of charge from various websites. Reading any of these materials can equip you with the techniques required in balancing all the aspects of your being for even greater success.

In essence, core energetics can teach you about the capacity of self-healing and help them launch the process of transformation that’s ultimately spiritual in nature. Attaining knowledge on core energetics techniques can help treat anxiety, depression, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress, unresolved anger, sexual dysfunction and other personal and spiritual problems. This makes it the most effective approach to unlocking the potential that will greatly determine your success in every aspect of life. It’s cheaper to learn and hassle-free to practice and cheaper hence worth investing time and money in.

corporate entertainment history

The Corporate Entertainment And Magician Entertainers

The corporate entertainment history has changed over the years. Different companies are entertaining their clients uniquely and in special ways. The original developers of corporate entertainment are not exactly known. Corporate Entertainment is an event that is organized and held by an organization for their clients, stakeholders, and staff. It is a tool that is used to encourage and appreciate the people involved with the specific company or business. The events help could be for a bigger audience like a conference, or a smaller audience, like holiday parties, retreats, and other private events.

Corporate entertainment and magicians

Throughout the corporate entertainment history, businesses and corporations have used magician entertainers to make the events lively and more entertaining, than a normal entertainment. The magicians are trained to amuse the audience and make everything lighten up. They can perform for about twenty minutes, or even for more than an hour. Their main aim of the magicians is to ensure that everyone is entertained appropriately.

Finding the right magician entertainer for your corporate event

When you are looking for the perfect magician for your corporate entertainment event, you will need to consider some factors keenly. First off, you must consider the age and partially the gender of the magician. If most of the audiences are over forty-five, then you might need to consider a grown magician. You will also need to ask them whom they have entertained initially. Here you must ensure that you hire the right magician that will keep your audiences entertained. The types of tricks is also another factor that you will need to consider.

Why choose a magician for your corporate entertainment?

There are various things you can organize for your corporate event. It can be challenging when you need to decide the right entertainment for your audience. With a magician, they are more natural, even though they perform tricks. It also helps to challenge the audiences to utilize their talents more. Since a magician is mostly made up of talent, this can be a great tool to boost your staff’s morale. So if you want to keep the audience fully entertained, then a magician entertainer is what you will need.

Benefits of corporate entertainment

Corporate entertainment features three different parties. It features the staff members of your business, the stakeholders, and the customers or clients. For that, the corporate entertainment is used to appreciate, encourage, motivate, and keep the customers. When you treat your clients, they will not be tempted to leave your business for a different one. For the staff members, they will be encouraged to work even more, since you appreciate their efforts. The stakeholders will be more determined to work with your business.

How to organize a successful corporate entertainment

First off, you will need to understand the corporate entertainment history, and what is common on the market. When you know what was commonly organized in the past years, you will relate them to the modern world and see which one is the most successful. What types of magicians are perfect for the corporate entertainment? Do you need a terrifying or a funny magician? Ensure that you plan ahead for perfect outcome for your corporate event.

How Did Robert Kirby Maintain His Wealth?

When a person becomes rich that is because that person works hard to earn millions of money. The most important thing to do with getting rich is to save your money and plan for your future. When you save your money you can invest and join in businesses or purchase a worthwhile asset, which can yield millions of profit and return of investment in the future. Robert Kirby is the person whom you can see his wealth is becoming bigger and bigger. You can just say he is one of the wealthiest men in Australia.

Robert Kirby is the co- chief executive and the co-chairman of Village Roadshow Limited an.This was built last 2013 by his other co-owners. Village Roadshow is one of the Australian media company to which it has an interest in other investments and business such as cinemas, film production and distribution and theme parks. But Robert Kirby’s wealth was tough at first. As each and every beginning of a business, there are always trials and challenges to face. Robert Kirby’s Company Village Roadshow had a rough and tough year in 2014 as the revenue increase only 0.2 per cent and its net profit went down to 46 per cent. At that time the profits declined as it was partly used for the cost related to the opening of the Wet n’ Wild Sydney , another kind and one of the biggest theme parks that opened that year.

The Beginnings

Robert Kirby joined in the expansion of Kirby business 1960’s. He was already exposed to their different businesses. In August 12, 1988 he first joined the board and was reappointed in July 2001. He finished a degree in Bachelor of Commerce. He has experience in the media, entertainment industry for 30 years. He became chairman of the Village Roadshow Limited from 1994-1998 and from 2002-2006. He also became the co-chief executive officer and Co executive chairman in June- November 2013. From 1990-1994 and 1998-2002 and 2006-2010 he became a deputy chairman of village Roadshows. Robert Kirby became the motivating force of the video revolution of Australia in the years between 1980 and 1990. He is the first person to think of the concepts of new cinemas and the leading edge of the successful variety of other businesses like radio and international film production and theme parks.

Village Roadshow

Australia’s Village Roadshow Limited is one of the world’s leading producers, distributors and exhibitors of television programs and film. This is a big company since it already operates in 130 movie theaters. Adding to these passions is the company’s Amusement Parks section, which, they have a 50/50 joint venture with Time Warner, is Australia’s top amusement park owner. In 2002, Village Roadshow published product sales of $542 million or Australian $ 788 million. The organization is directed by John and Robert Kirby, the son’s of business creator Roc Kirby and manager Graham Burke.

Creativity, passion and willingness to learn and expand are the keys to maintaining wealth. As they have series of business and there maybe ups and downs, still the Kirby’s found ways to invest in different kinds of businesses.